Images of two new Ferrari drop-tops leak online

Ferrari looks set to unveil two important new convertible models according to images circulating on social media. 

One image, posted to Facebook by Ferrari fan page ‘Cavallino Rampante’ (Prancing Horse), shows what appears to be a drop-top version of the firm’s 812 Superfast at a corporate or private customer event. 

Bodywork changes over the existing hardtop variant appear to be limited to the addition of a pair of prominent rear buttresses, similar to those on the limited-run SP1 and SP2 Monza, which should enhance aerodynamic efficiency with the roof down. 

There’s no official word yet on the V12’s performance details, but if (as expected) the new model features the same 789bhp 6.5-litre unit as the coupé, it will be one of the most powerful production convertibles in the world. 

Also inbound, as shown in an image published by Instagram user trax_x, is a Spider variant of the new F8 Tributo. 

Images of two new Ferrari drop-tops leak online

We’ve only seen it in silhouette form so far, but, as with the 812 Spider, it looks to bear a strong resemblance to its hardtop counterpart, with subtle styling changes at the rear to accommodate a folding roof. 

It is unclear how soon the models will make their official debut, but given they appear to have been revealed to customers already, we can expect to find out more in the coming days. 

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